Persona 5 Livestream Schedule Revealed

After several months of silence, new information of Persona 5 is finally on the horizon, thanks to the announcement of a live stream event that will be available to watch online on May 5th. As part of the event, three individual programs have been announced to take place. First on the agenda is Tokyo Tower LIVE, which will air two and a half hours before the end of the countdown at 11:30am GMT. It will consist of an event that will take place at the real life Tokyo Tower, most likely involving the The Phantom, the alter ego of the main protagonist of the game.

When the countdown has ended at 1:30pm GMT, the main event will begin. No information is currently available for the content that will be included, but if previous livestreams are anything to go by, there will be a mixture of interviews with gameplay footage, as well as a whole new trailer. It is also expected that Atlus will reveal the Japanese release date of the game, as they announced that it would sometime during Summer 2016 during the Tokyo Game Show.

After the main event, a special version of the Persona Stalker Club will air at approximately 2:30pm GMT, named the Business Trip Edition. It will feature the regular hosts Tomoni Isomura and Mafia Kajita talking about the new information that has been showcased, as well as exclusive interviews with unannounced guests. If you are interested in watching the three events as they take place, Japanese video streaming site NicoNico will be broadcasting the livestream, so be sure to check out the link provided here.

Are you excited to see what new information will be announced for Persona 5? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source – Persona Central