Fallout Shelter 1.5 Update, Scrap Items and More Outfits

Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter receives update 1.5 which allows scrapping items for junk, new customisations for the barbershop and more.

Fallout Shelter Update 1.5 brings in new features that “Make being an overseer easier.”. Turn your unwanted items into junk which can be used to craft better gear and fear up your storage rooms. On top of that, new civilian outfits are available to craft or¬†found in lunch boxes, one example of a new outfit is turning your settlers into Ghouls.

iPhone 6 and 6s owners can now load directly into games with just their finger print as the support for Apple’s 3D touch has been enabled into the game. You are also able to assign dwellers to rooms or access storage just by tapping on any storage room.

Previous features for Fallout Shelter added more rooms and characters from Fallout 4 as well as pets, even more outfits and weapons. In update 1.4 crafting was introduced that meant you could send dwellers into the wastelands to collect it, or you could find some in Lunchboxes.

Fallout Shelter is available now for free on the App Store or Google Play.