Tokyo Mirage Sessions Fortissimo Edition Announced For Europe

After announcing that the long awaited Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem project for the Wii U, now known as Tokyo Mirage Sessions, would be released in Europe later this year, ATLUS have today revealed that a special version of the game will be made available at launch named the Fortissimo Edition. It is currently unknown how much it will retail for in the UK, but as the US price is set at $79.99, it is likely to be around sixty pounds.

The Fortissimo Edition includes the standard Tokyo Mirage Sessions game disc, a limited edition artbook, a CD with a sample of the game’s soundtrack, several cards with lyrics of the game’s songs, a set of stickers and five download codes to receive all the planned downloadable content free of charge. These packs will cost around ¬£1.49 each, if you decide to buy them outside of the Fortissimo Edition.

Both the Standard and Fortissimo Edition of Tokyo Mirage Sessions will be available in North America and Europe on June 24th 2016. To see the game in action, be sure to visit the official website to learn about this musical RPG. Will you be buying the Fortissimo Edition of Tokyo Mirage Sessions? Let us know what you think in the comments below.