Hearthstone: Whispers of the Old Gods Coming Next Week

The new full-sized expansion for Hearthstone, Whispers of the Old Gods, was announced by Blizzard a few months ago who at the time said it would be released sometime “in late April or early May.” Now the developer has set a date for next Tuesday 26th in Northern America and Europe, and will release the day after in Asia.

Whispers of the Old Gods consists of 134 new cards, including “corrupted” variations to classic friends: “The Old Gods’ aura of corruption has taken hold of the cards themselves, adding twisted new versions of a few familiar faces to the mix.”


26 of the cards have been revealed today, with Blizzard planning to show more on their Twitch channel later this week. You can also get involved by voting on which card you want to see next on the official website.

Hearthstone Whispers of the Old Gods can be purchased as individual packs, or you can pre-purchase at a discount for 50 packs before the official release next week.