Blase & Soul Shattered Empires Lands April

NCSoft are preparing their next update for Blade & Soul titled Shattered Empires. After the previous update of Silverfrost Mountains, the latest update, Shattered Empires, brings new content and rewards and will be available to play this month April 27th, bringing in two new heroic dungeons, Cold Storage and Sogun’s Lament.

Mushin’s Tower is opening up even more levels with floors 9 through to floor 15 becoming available for players to test their metal in the solo experience. After some qaulity alone time a new PvP Mode is available called Whirlwind Valley and is an object based PvP mode that is based on 6v6 team combat.

Blade and Soul is out now to play for free and stayed tuned for more news for the 2.1 update that is coming at the end of the month, April 27th.