You Can Pre-Order No Man’s Sky Limited Edition

You can now pre-order the limited edition of No Man’s Sky-but only from Amazon Germany.

It feels as if we have been waiting for No Man’s Sky for far too long after it was announced two years ago- we even predicted that it would be a top seller for 2015 in Dec.2014 we now finally have a release date and it’s coming up very soon.

In a similar style the limited edition was announced months ago, but no other retailers are accepting pre-orders yet. If you really want your chance of getting your hands on it you’ll have to pay a few extra pennies for the postage, but chances are it will sell out pretty sharp when it hits all the main retailers.

Content of the Limited Edition:

  • SteelBook case including No Man’s Sky on PS4.
  • Bonus In-Game DLC: Photonix Core advanced ship boost, Boltcaster SM weapon blueprint and Trader Charisma bonus set of resorces.
  • The Art of No Man’s Sky: a book containing 48 pages of concept art.
  • Adventures in No Man’s Sky comic: Two stories set in the No Man’s Sky universe with contributions from James Swallow (Star Trek: Titan) and Dave Gibbons (Watchmen)
  • PS4 Dynamic Theme: No Man’s Sky unique theme featuring some incredible concept art.

No Man’s Sky will be hitting the shelves on June 22nd for PlayStation 4.