The Division Sits Comfortably At The Top Of UK Sales Chart

Ubisoft’s best-selling new IP ever, Tom Clancy’s The Division is going nowhere according to the top 10 UK sales charts. As of the 2nd April, The Division remains at the top spot, surpassing fellow Ubisoft title Far Cry: Primal and EA’s FIFA 16. Ubisoft have certainly started off 2016 with a bang, releasing two best-selling games within a short time-frame. Even their previously released Rainbow Six: Siege peaks the charts at number eight.

It begs the question; can Ubisoft continue these strong sales throughout 2016? Time will certainly tell with their announcement of a new instalment into the Ghost Recon franchise as well as other brand new titles in development. Speculation is quite thin at the moment for Ghost Recon: Wildlands however this is only due to the small amount of footage released. It’s nice to see some diversification amongst the sales charts. It’s not just filled with gruff, serious action-shooters, there’s a big sports presence in there with EA Sports UFC 2, which is personally pleasing to see, along with the zany shooter Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare  2.