VGU Podcast: Episode 1 – EGX, VR and Eating Belgium

Welcome to the first instalment of our new bi-weekly podcast. The VGU Podcast will give us some time off from writing about the news and allow us to talk to you directly about it, as well as what we are currently playing and what else we have been up to in the week.

The following articles were brought up in the Podcast. Feel free to check them out for more information on the topics discussed:

EGX Previews:


Gears of War 4 Release Date

God of War 4 Tease

DOOM Open Beta Date & DLC

Standalone Call of Duty Zombies

eGames Revealed

Be sure to tune into the Podcast and let us know if you have any questions you would like for us to bring up at the end of our next instalment. Leave those questions in the comments below and remember that you can also hit up the members of this cast on their twitter feeds.

Dominic Coles – @TheXploder

Ian Stokes – @IanVanCheese

Sam Foxall – @Captain_Trilby

Will Fidler – @Will_Art_Thou