Evolution Studios Goes Mutliplatform With New Release for Codemasters

Evolution Studios have fallen on hard times recently. The British developers recently saw fifty-five of their staff cut from the team before Sony put the final nail in the coffin and shut them down completely. Fortune however seemed to smile on the team as Codemasters stepped in and resurrected the fledging racing developers. Despite Evolution’s previous history with Sony, Codemasters are angling at multiplatform releases so they can have a bigger stake in the market.

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In an interview with GamesIndustry.bix, CEO of Codemasters Frank Sagnier had this to say:

“We want to benefit from everything that they’ve learned as a team together, we want them to create their own games .Of course there will be synergies, of course we will share stuff, but we would like to make sure they retain their identity and stay together as a team to do what they’re good at.”

Despite Codemasters’ insistence on any future games being available on all platforms, all previous Evolution IPs will remain under the Playstation banner and will not see any releases outside of their respective consoles.