Amiibo Unlocks Detailed for Star Fox Zero

Ahead of the launch later this month, Nintendo have revealed the amiibo functionality which will be available in Star Fox Zero in a brand new trailer, showing the ace pilot team in action. Scanning the Falco amiibo will unlock the Black Arwing, a variant of the spaceship which has increased firepower at the cost of lower defence. You can lock onto multiple targets with the Homing Shot when using this fighter, along with the ability to fire high powered red lasers but your overall ship health is decreased.

If you scan in the Fox amiibo, your team warps back to the SNES and you get to fly around in retro Arwings straight from Starwing. You even get the original Corneria theme playing if you use this amiibo feature when playing on Star Fox Zero’s Corneria stage. It has also been revealed that those who buy Star Fox Zero will gain access to a demo of Star Fox Guard, which can be played through the main menu of Star Fox Zero. Any progress you make in the demo version of Guard will carry over to the full game, so it is the perfect place to get your bearings as a security chief before buying.

You can find details of all of the different bundles for Star Fox Zero on the Nintendo UK store, which includes information on how to get a physical version of Star Fox Guard if you want something extra for your collection. If you are really hankering to fly some ships as a space animal, you can download Star Fox 64 off the Nintendo eShop for a reduced price, right up until April 21st. Star Fox Zero launches the next day on April 22nd.