Pack Up Your Bags, CD Projekt Red Have Won April Fools Day

CD Projekt Red, the developers of The Witcher series, have released a fantastic mini video detailing exactly what went into making Roach such an iconic character in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Most April Fools jokes are overdone and tend to fall flat on their face, except when they’re phenomenally executed and planned in advance. Like this. Even the video description is fantastic:

“A horse is a horse is a horse, of course.

Roach is the name of Geralt’s horses, each and every one in turn.

Not sure why he calls ‘em all that. Lazy? Doesn’t get attached? To animals?

Might be because one day he caught a roach, which is a common fresh-water fish. A big one.

Decided he’d celebrate by naming his horse after it.

We considered a bunch of options, but Doobie and Spliff seemed off-lore.

Anyways, here’s a special developer video that will show you Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Roach But Were Afraid to Ask.”

Check it out below.