TimeSplitters 2 Levels Hidden Inside Homefront: The Revolution

In an age where the first-person shooter is predominantly based around militant warfare, it’s nice to see a developer show some love for the genre’s heyday. The developers at Dambuster Studios have included a great little easter egg in the upcoming shooter that will please many fans.

That’s right guys, hidden inside Homefront: The Revolution is the first two levels of the classic TimeSplitters 2.

According to Eurogamer, the first two levels; Siberia and Chicago, can be accessed if the player can find a hidden arcade machine located somewhere in the game map. Unlike it’s predecessor, Homefront: The Revolution features an open world so players will have to do some searching if they’re to find the elusive arcade cabinet. Sadly for us TimeSplitters fans, this isn’t the tease of a potential sequel, just a mere tidbit for us to get nostalgic about. Which is even more of a shame when taken into consideration that Dambuster Studios are made up of former Crytek employees who are responsible for the franchise in the first place. Oh well, we can live in hope I guess.

Homefront: The Revolution will be available in Europe on May 20th.