The Razer BlackWidow X Chroma Is Here

As if you didn’t already have enough colour in your life, Razer have come around again with another addition to the Chroma family of peripherals. The BlackWidow X Chroma is Razer’s answers to the BlackWidow Ultimate not having a back light to it. Think of the BlackWidow X Chroma as your travel keyboard for LAN events. It’s smaller, more compact and has some features stripped to make it more streamlined while still having that Chroma finish to it.

Of course being a BlackWidow, it has Razer’s mechanical green keys for extra precision button presses as well as a longer life span that usual mechanical keyboards, but unlike the standard BlackWidow Chroma, it does not have any audio jacks, any USB ports, has a single cord cable and also does not feature any of the M macro keys. The back lighting is not as bright as the BlackWidow Chroma although anything too bright can become annoying with a keyboard. It also lacks a wrist rest much like the BlackWidow Ultimate. Priced at £134.99 it’s not exactly cheap, but it’s a good alternative if you find your keyboard to be a bit cumbersome on your desk. However it still isn’t as small as the BlackWidow Tournament edition which we reviewed earlier this year.