Prepare to Brew with Dark Souls Tea Charity Auction

It may not be an Estus Flask but it’s the next best thing for a nation of tea drinkers. In a collaboration with Yorkshire Tea and Bandai Namco UK, a one of a kind box of Dark Souls Tea has been crafted from the finest Green Blossom of Darkroot Garden, ready to be boiled and served in your finest Lordvessel. This special box of tea will be auctioned off for SpecialEffect, a great UK based gaming charity which helps create special peripherals and technology so that players with physical disabilities can still enjoy video games.

The highest bid over £100 will receive this box of Dark Souls Tea (which could be a Mimic for all we know) and all of the money will go towards SpecialEffect as part of their Monster Race fundraiser. For more information on the fundraiser and to place your own bid for this special prize, click here to go to the eBay page. I’m more of a Clipper Tea man myself but I would be tempted to put in a bid for this special box of tea, as its warmth may help me survive my journey through Lothric to link the Fire one last time.

What’s next in the Souls food tie-ins? A Sunny Delight deal to make real Estus Flasks? I’d love to snack a biscuit version of the Darksign while questing through the wilds. As we wait patiently for the April 12th launch, put the kettle on and watch yesterday’s launch trailer or even download a full English version of the game if you have an Xbox One, through some account jiggery-pokery.