Wii U Sales Spike Since Release of Pokken Tournament

After the recent fracas with Nintendo supposedly halting production of the Wii U and then the subsequent denial of said claims, it’s put a lot of people’s eyes back on the Wii U. Many weren’t surprised when the false news broke, touting that slow sales had lead to the console’s demise.

However, this doesn’t appear to be the case in Japan.

Since the release of Bandai-Namo’s brawler Pokken Tournament, sales of the console have spiked in its native Japan. With a calculated increase of a whopping 151%, jumping from 3,836 to 9,644 systems sold in the past week. Pokken Tournament itself was also the highest selling game in Japan this week, shifting an impressive 72,505 copies. Knocking The Division off the top spot and beating out Digimon World: Next Order that sold a respectable 52,521 units.

This is no doubt in part due to the cultural significance of Pokemon and Digimon in Japan, but it’s gone to prove that there’s still some life in the Wii U yet. Even if it is only restricted to Japan.