Star Fox 64 Barrel Rolls Onto Wii U Virtual Console

Ahead of the release on Star Fox Zero on April 22, Nintendo is releasing the best iteration of the Star Fox series, Star Fox 64, on Virtual Console on Thursday. This port of the N64 classic is currently available at the discount price of £4.49 until the day before Star Fox Zero goes on sale so boost on over to the eShop soon if you want to grab one of the best games in the N64 library for a price less than a coffee and a sandwich from Starbucks.

Do note that this port is of the American Star Fox 64 and not the European Lylat Wars, so you’ll be able to barrel roll at 60hz instead of the lower 50hz us poor Europeans had to deal with. Keep in mind that along with Star Fox Zero on the 22nd of April, Star Fox: Guard is also coming on the same day, being the full formed version of Miyamoto’s Project Guard which was announced along with Star Fox Zero at E3 2014. If you were quick on the draw and had your eye on the Nintendo UK storefront, you could have ordered the First Print Editions of Star Fox Zero, which included a special Star Fox Zero t-shirt but they have now all sold out. You can still go to the official Nintendo UK store page and buy a copy of Star Fox Zero with a special Star Fox themed Snapback cap.