New Dissidia Final Fantasy Trailer Shows Off Alexandria

Based off the opening town from Final Fantasy IX, Square Enix has released a new trailer for the arcade version of Dissidia Final Fantasy, showing Zidane and friends fighting it out in Alexandria Town Centre. It’s an incredibly faithful adaptation of the town, including the Ticket Booth and even the iconic airship flying into port at the opening of Final Fantasy IX. At some point in the fight, the fortress Alexander sprouts its wings and the arena switches to night, so you can see some massive shining wings in the background as you cut the Warrior of Light into ribbons.

While it’s great to know about another arena for Dissidia, we still have no news on when this RPG fighting game is coming out of the arcades and onto PS4. We know that Dissidia is coming to PS4 seeing as the arcade version basically runs on PS4 hardware but we still haven’t had confirmation that the arcade exclusivity deal has ended. Even then, it would probably be at least a year until Dissidia Final Fantasy comes westward, seeing as the whole thing has to be localised for non-Japanese markets.

We’ll no doubt get some news about Dissida Final Fantasy around E3, I imagine it will be in the big Final Fantasy push that Square Enix are doing for their long running series, seeing as both Final Fantasy VIII Remake and Final Fantasy XIV are on the cards in the near future. Check out the trailer below to see the high flying action around Alexandria Town.