Day of the Tentacle Remastered Gets Official Release Date

Update: An official release date for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita editions has been confirmed to be March 22nd 2016, the same day as the PC and MAC versions of the game. If you are interested in finding out more about the game, you can visit the official website, or you can pre-order Day of the Tentacle Remastered via Steam, you can visit the product page here.

According to the lovely chaps over at Good Old Games, the highly anticipated Day of the Tentacle Remastered will be released on the 22nd of March through the online service. The classic SCUMM-based point-and-click adventure is often hailed as one of Tim Schafer’s finest works, which is high praise indeed when you consider the rest of his work.

Talk of the remaster has been around for a while, but a short video has just surfaced in which Tim Schafer discusses the process of remastering the game. Aside from a light-hearted interview with the man himself, we’re shown some of the newly improved art-work and sound. The video also goes on to tell us that players can get a 10% off by pre-ordering the game, which is also DRM-Free and will come with a series of wallpapers as an added extra.

“It has been remastered. The art looks incredible, but we also maintained the old art and you can play either way that you want, with the old or new art, and the old art with the new interface. You can listen to all the developer commentary we added, and you can look at the concept art, and we took away all the compression, and it’s just great. It’s crazy.”  – Tim Schafer

The game is also set to be released for both the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita this month, but there’s yet to be any official release date. Currently there is no word on whether or not this will make an appearance on the Xbox One.