Paradox and Obsidian Reveal Tyranny

In a match made in heaven for fans of PC RPGs, Paradox Interactive and Obsidian Entertainment have revealed their new project, titled Tyranny. Shown off at a special press conference at GDC 2016, Tyranny has you tasked as a Fatebinder under the rule of Kyros the Overlord, a tyrant who has taken over the lands of the Tiers and subjected it to his iron will. You essentially are playing in the world where the baddies have not been defeated by the 4 Heroes of the Magic McGuffin and he has been able to take over the land.

As a Fatebinder (who is like a local legate), your word is the law. Your job is to act out the will of the Overlord, enforcing the law according to his whims and assuring that his conquered lands are productive. Now, how you enforce the law is up to you. You can be a stern but just lawbringer, eventually inspiring loyalty among the people of the Tiers through your leadership or you can be a proper arsehole, using the law to inflict cruelty and instilling obedience through fear. Making decisions as a Fatebinder are far reaching, as your choices affect the factions of Kyros’ army, as well as the people who are under the lash of his whip.

Considering Obsidian’s pedigree with creating RPGs where player choice actually means something, I’m very intrigued on how they will tackle a game where you are ostensibly the bad guy. There will be a degree to your evil hopefully, meaning that you aren’t just a moustache twirling villain but someone who may be forced to be evil due to the law structure in which you are trapped. It could raise some probing moral questions about duty and enforcing the law so Tyranny is definitely one to keep on your radar.

It’s scheduled for a launch sometime in 2016 so expect more news around E3 concerning release dates. Have a look at the official website for Tyranny for all the in-universe information, as well as the teaser trailer below.