More Deck Slots and New Paladin Hero in Latest Hearthstone Patch

What’s this? Blizzard have finally listened to the community? Heaven’s above. That’s right, the amount of deck slots available in the World of Warcraft themed card game has doubled from nine to 18, meaning you can have even more variants of Secret Paladin before it inevitably leaves the meta after the Wild/Standard split next month.

Speaking of Paladin, Uther Lightbringer has a new friend; Lady Liadrin, leader of the Blood Knights in World of Warcraft. Unlike previously added heroes however, Lady Liadrin isn’t available for purchase and will instead be obtainable through an upcoming WoW promotion, though the finer details are still unknown.

Deck archetypes are now available in-game when you go to create a new deck, and it’ll provide you with a full deck list, highlighting the cards you don’t have yet. Not quite the functionality you can find on Hearthpwn, but useful for beginners nonetheless.

You can find a full list of the patch notes on HearthHead, including new card backs, new tavern brawls, and Whispers of the Old Gods is also available for pre-order. To battle!