From the Depths of Hell Comes a New Doom Trailer and Closed Beta Date.

Oh my god this looks awesome. Sorry, composure. Seriously though, this latest Doom multiplayer trailer looks freaking sweet. ID Software’s montage of pain shows off the suite of weaponry at the player’s disposal including shotguns, energy weapons, railguns and rocket launchers.

We also get a peak at the kind of pickups and gadgets that will be available in the Doom multiplayer, with one of the combatants throwing out some kind of force field grenade and another picking up the infamous quad-damage item, which turns basically any gun into a one-shot kill. Much more importantly though, the presence of demon runes should really spice up the battle. Pick one of these bad boys up and you’ll transform into a demon. Based on the trailer, we have no idea how long this bonus lasts but it does appear that you can turn into a multitude of different demons including the Baron of Hell.

Doom launches for Xbox One, PS4 and PC on May 13th but if you can’t wait until then, there is a closed-multiplayer beta starting on March 31st. Oh and if you buy it and don’t flip the sleeve to use the alternative cover art, we can’t be friends.