March Updates for Star Wars Battlefront Available Now

To those of you who are still playing Battlefront, you’ll be happy to know that EA have just released the latest updates for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC iterations.  Adding in the Rebel Depot on Tatooine as a new Survival Mission alongside the Survivors of Endor to the Walker Assault, Turning Point and Supremacy modes. It’s not a huge update, but it’ll be sure to tide fans over until the next big expansion is released.

The rumoured expansion is supposedly called the Outer Rim. This will put give players the chance to battle it out in the factories on Sullust and in Jabba the Hutt’s Palace. As of yet, no real release date has been set for Outer Rim, but it seems likely it’ll soon follow this latest update.

EA have also stated that Outer Rim is to be the first of many expansions to the base game that will take players to numerous other locales from the movies and expanded universe, with proposed titles like Bespin and Death Star being reported by several publications. Several new game modes are also to be introduced, however we’ve heard very little on this subject so far, so expect to hear something in the new future.