GAMEFest to Return at Insomnia58

GAMEFest, the consumer expo hosted by the UK’s largest video game retailer, GAME, is returning for its second ever event as part of Insomnia58. Held over the weekend of August 26-29 at the NEC Birmingham, Insomnia58 is an event with a plethora of eSports tournaments, exclusive games and special guest panelists and with GAMEFest arriving, no doubt you can now get your hands on even more of the latest and upcoming games.

Multiplay, the company behind the Insomnia events was bought out by GAME in 2015 for £20m and the i58 weekend coincides with the GAME Store Manager’s Conference, so it’s an ideal place and time for the return of GAMEFest. The last, and first GAMEFest took place at the NEC as an individual event in 2011 and featured some of the hottest titles of that year such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Forza Motorsport 4 and Batman: Arkham City.

Martyn Gibbs, CEO, GAME said:

We’re delighted to confirm the return of one of the most loved consumer video game events. With Insomnia Gaming Festivals now firmly established at the NEC, the addition of GAME Fest, will further strengthen our community engagement and offer the best games first, as part of the UK’s largest gaming event.

Attendees at Insomnia58 can purchase and pre-order from an exciting range of products alongside community stage shows, pro eSports tournaments and innovative new evening activities. Tickets for Insomnia58 can be bought from your local GAME store, or you can buy them online and find out more information at