Overwatch Launches On May 24th

After a leak early today via an ad on IGN’s website which teased another beta launch, Jeff Kapkan from Blizzard has officially announced that Overwatch will be launching on all platforms on May 24th. There will also be an open beta which consoles can join in on, between the 5th and 9th of May so everyone can test out all the heroes, game modes and maps before the launch of Blizzard’s hero based shooter.

Having a platform wide open beta is great, as console players have been shunned from the previous beta rounds until now, leaving console peasants like me speculating on how Overwatch‘s controls will translate to controller. Hopefully, the open beta will run well and be able to really show off Blizzard’s attempt to enter the shooter market. No news on cross play between console and PC as of yet but we will no doubt get clarification during the final open beta.

You can prepurchase Overwatch now via Blizzard’s official site, with console players having to buy the Origins Edition should they wish to play, which does come with some extra digital goodies and special costumes which shows certain heroes before the Omnic Crisis. PC players can choose to buy the plain version of Overwatch for a cheaper price, but this does not come with all of the extra bits and bobs.