SNES Virtual Console Games Coming To New Nintendo 3DS

As part of the Nintendo Direct that was broadcast earlier today, Nintendo have announced the New Nintendo 3DS owners will soon be able to play new Virtual Console titles in the form of SNES games. Each game will feature the same emulator features offered to each title, such as save states. An exclusive feature in these new versions of each game is a Pixel Perfect mode, which plays the game at it’s native resolution. Super Mario World and Earthbound are now available, and six more games will arrive over the next four weeks. In case you need to put the dates in your diary, The Legend of Zelda: A Link of the Past and Super Metroid are arriving next week, with F-Zero and Super Mario Kart following in a fortnight, and the first two Donkey Kong Country games round off the promotion on the 24th of March.

If you want both of the Virtual Console games on a particular week, Nintendo have unveiled a limited time promotion. If you purchase one of the games that is released each week, the other title will be available at half price. In case you are curious about what version of the games you will receive, it has been confirmed by Nintendo that we will receive the USA versions of each title, so they will run at the full speed 60hz, which is much better suited for the screens for the New Nintendo 3DS.

Will you be buying your favourite SNES classics to take with you on the go? Let us know what you think in the comments below.