gamescom 2016 Open Their Online Ticket Shop

gamescom have opened their ticket shop from March 2nd with preferred prices available until the 31st March.

In 2015 gamescom tickets sold out earlier than any other year and this year public day tickets will only be available for as long as supplies last. Day tickets will only be sold at the box office if the day tickets are not sold out after the advanced ticket sales period.

To entice people to purchase sooner and secure their place, gamescom is offering cheaper ticket prices up until the 31st March 2016. Pre-entry tickets will also be offered for the first time for the public days Thursday and Friday. Holders of the pre-entry tickets will be able to enter the show’s entertainment area an hour early at 9:00am.

Here are the most important facts about the tickets for this years gamescom 2016.

•       Being early pays: secure your early bird ticket now and save more than 10 percent
•       New: for the first time, a limited contingent of ‘Pre-entry Tickets’ for Thursday and Friday
•       Reserved contingent: family ticket only available in the gamescom Ticket Shop
•       Day tickets for public days also available at Saturn: advance sale at selected stores starts at the beginning of April
•       Purchase of trade visitor tickets only for personal use
•       New: ticket and public transport ticket for VRR and VRS now two separate documents