Yogscast to make Insomnia 57 Appearance

Insomnia 57 is the latest in a series of events dedicated to bringing gamers together in the UKs biggest LAN parties. Over the years the event known as Iseries have grown from a humble beginning as a LAN party to the huge event that it is today with exhibitors, celebrity guests and even to major eSports tournaments. Something new that Multiplay, the company behind Iseries, have been doing is inviting special guests to appear on stage to meet and greet their fans and entertain the ever increasing number of attendees. In the past Youtubers like KSI, Sparkles and many other UK and international e-stars have graced the Multiplay stage, and this event will be know different. Announced this week on their website, Multiplay got fans of Minecraft excited when it was revealed that the Yogscast would be attending to do on stage shows, Q & A sessions and just having walk around the event (probably with lots of security guards).

In addition to the main event, the Yogscast will be doing a special evening event on Friday night called “Battle of Yogcast All-Stars”. You can only go to the show with a ticket which will only cost you £6, a small price to pay if you’re a Yogsfan. You will also need to have a valid Friday or Weekend ticket to attend the show. Tickets go on sale on March 4th and are on a first come first serve basis.

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