Firewatch Developer Releases Printable Maps for Navigation

Campo Santo have released printable maps for Firewatch after many requests from it’s fans, and now you can have your couch-companion help you navigate your way through the woods. “If you play games with someone next to you on the couch, print this out and hand it to them, and your formerly disinterested couch-sharer is magically transformed into an officially engrossed Firewatch Navigator And Map Scribbler. (If you just want something to put up on your wall, you can do that too.)”

Now you can navigate through the wilderness without needing to zoom and pan out everywhere, by disabling the ‘show location on map’ feature you can find your way around using your compass and landmarks, giving it a bit more of a ‘rustic’ feel.

firewatch-dev-releases-printable-maps-for-co-op-navigation-145653177263 copy

The Printable Firewatch World Map can be downloaded in a textured or clean version which omits Henry’s scribblings.