Prima Announces Dark Souls III Collector’s Edition Strategy Guides

We’ve had limited console editions of the main game, exclusive Dark Souls III PS4s and now, we even have limited editions of strategy guides for Dark Souls III. Being released by Prima, the Dark Souls III Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide will include a hardcover version of the guide and a 192 page blank Darksign Journal which is perfect for jotting down notes during your journey through Lothric, along with an e-guide to have on the go via your phone or tablet.

Now, for the more dedicated Chosen Undead, you can buy the Estus Flask Edition Strategy Guide which comes with everything noted above, along with an actual resin replica emerald Estus Flask and a metal bookmark in the shape of the Wolf Knight’s Greatsword which is perfect for marking that specific page when trying to fight against a tough boss. These editions will cost you quite a few Shining Coins, with the Collector’s Edition retailing for £20 while the Estus Flask Edition is going for $130 (roughly £89) and doesn’t seem to be available to preorder in the UK yet. Also be warned that the Estus Flask Edition is in limited supply and will not be reprinted so get your orders down now.

I think $130 is absolutely ludicrous for a strategy guide with a few knick knacks thrown in but no doubt some avid collectors will be foaming at the mouth for it. It’s clear that Bandai Namco are going all out for this final installment of the Souls franchise and trying to wring as much money as they can out of dedicated Souls fans before the series fizzles out. What do you think of these prices and the general hyper-marketing push of Dark Souls III? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.