Cards inspired by Power Rangers come to Yu-Gi-Oh! with Wing Raiders Set

The newest Yu-Gi-Oh! booster packs bring some welcome changes to the game. Wing Raiders is the most recent pack available in the trading card game and acts somewhat like a duelist pack from back in 5Ds and earlier. The main archetype support to come from Wing Raiders are the Raid Raptors, a fan favourite from the show’s most recent season ‘Arc V’. Raid Raptors feel very much like an XYZ version of the Blackwings used by Crow in 5Ds, they spam the field very quickly and XYZ summon bigger versions of themselves. A lot of the Raidraptor main deck is included as commons in this pack so it’s very easy to build most of the core from buying one box of boosters.

Phantom Knights also get their first set of support cards, an archetype that hasn’t done much yet, Phantom Knights use graveyard effects to banish themselves when they are in the grave in order to help search out other cards. They haven’t really done much yet in the competitive play, but it’ll be interesting to see if these new cards help them out against the top tier decks.

But the most exciting archetype to come out in this pack are the Super Quant cards. Super Quants are based on Super Sentai or Power Rangers. Their basic effect monsters called Super Quantums are the ranger forms, where as the XYZ monsters called Super Quantals are the zords; the giant machines the rangers pilot in the series. These cards are really cool, and have a great design to them. The field spell which is obviously meant to be some sort of base or carrier allows you to use the Blue, Green and Red XYZ Quantals and combine them into the Super Quantal Mech King, aka the Megazord. This archetype is a very fun archetype to play and I hope we see competitive play from it. The fact it is based on Power Rangers also means there is a lot of scope for support cards such as a Yellow, Pink, White or Black Quantums and their respective Quantals. This is a deck worth checking out and is not actually too expensive to build, the most expensive cards being the Red Quants and the Mech King XYZ card.

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