Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow Get a New Launch Trailer

For those of you looking for some handheld nostalgia, wait no more… or at least wait until the end of the month. Nintendo have revealed a new launch trailer for the re-release of Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow on the Nintendo eShop.

The three Gameboy classics will be available to download on the Nintendo eShop on the 27th February. The three titles will come with all the original content you may remember from the original 1996 release, such as the original story of the trainer from Pallet Town exploring the region of Kanto in order to become a Pokemon master.

The 3DS version will also allow trainers to trade their Pokemon via Wi-Fi connection, so no need to get out the old Gameboy Transfer cable.

To get those nostalgia juices flowing, here’s Nintendo’s brand new launch trailer for their iconic title.