Multiplayer-Only Version of Black Ops 3 Launches on Steam

For those completely uninterested in the campaign and zombies portions of the latest Call of Duty, Activision has launched a version on Steam that removes everything but the multiplayer experience. Titled the ‘Multiplayer Starter Pack‘, you’ll have to pick it up hastily if you’re interested as it’ll only be available until February 29 and will set you back just £11.59.

However, some features of Black Ops 3’s multiplayer haven’t been included, such as the ability to prestige or play in custom/private games. Most of the components are there however, including the freerun mode and the Black Market – Black Ops 3’s micro transaction area where you can buy supply crates with Cryptokeys earned in game or COD Points, bought with real money.

Acitivision haven’t given an explanation for why this version of the game has appeared, although it’s similar to the version of Black Ops 3 on the previous generation of consoles, as they released without any campaign whatsoever due to it’s “ambitious” nature. Thankfully, Activision have also included an upgrade pack for £28.40 which is essentially the full game for those who have previously bought the starter pack.