Lead Writer for Mass Effect: Andromeda Joins Bungie

The development team for Mass Effect: Andromeda have lost a senior member of their development team. Lead writer Chris Schlerf confirmed via twitter that he has left Bioware Montreal in order to join Bungie, the developers of Destiny.

The tweets indicate that there was no bad blood between himself and Bioware from his departure and spoke about his excitement for players to finally play the new entry of the Mass Effect series when it releases in Autumn 2016.

Chris Schlerf has worked on many Sci-Fi video game projects over the last few years, before starting at Bioware, he worked at 343 industries on Halo 4. Schlerf is also not the first member of the Mass Effect Andromeda team to leave, in late 2015 senior producer Chris Wynn left Bioware to join H1Z1 developer Daybreak Games.