Ubisoft Release Survival 101 Trailer for Far Cry Primal

Ahead of the upcoming release of Far Cry Primal, the sixth addition to the Far Cry franchise, Ubisoft have released a trailer titled simply ‘101’, all about the various dangers and encounters you’ll encounter – plus tips and tricks to survive.

To summarise the trailer in five words; everything wants to eat you. The cannibals, the animals, the pyro-obsessed tribe, they’re all looking to kill you and eat the meat off your bones. Far Cry Primal will be a constant fight for survival, as you climb your way from the bottom of the food chain. You’re being hunted, but aim to become the hunter.

Various features are confirmed in the 101 trailer, such as the ability to ride atop some of the beasts you encounter, turn bears into ‘flaming balls of destruction’, and execute enemies via the use of your trusted steed. Wait no, I mean owl. Yep, you have an owl companion that can scout out areas and divebomb unsuspecting enemies. Hedwig’s opted for a new career path.

Finer details are still unknown but an element of settlement building is being implemented, perhaps taking a leaf out of Fallout 4’s book. You have to gather up remaining members of your tribe scattered across the land and help them to build a new home, gathering materials for them and in turn unlocking missions and ‘spiritual journeys’.

It looks a little unpolished, but I’m liking the avenue Far Cry Primal has taken as it really is a – far cry – from previous instalments in the franchise. Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon were fantastic games, but Far Cry 4 felt like too much of the same and started to become repetitive. Here’s hoping Primal can fix that.