Pigsodus Teaser Trailer Released Into The Wild

If authors such as Dick King Smith, E.B. White and George Orwell have taught us anything, it is that animals are capable of incredible things if given the right motivation. While the hero of Pigsodus, Horace Oinkstein, does not herd sheep or receive advice from a kindly spider, he is determined with the rest of his animal companions to liberate his friends from the murderous humans that run his former home. The initial teaser trailer focuses on the fowl mouthed Eggdar the chicken, who is being tortured by bloodthirsty Theodore Cleaver over Horace’s location.

Pigsodus is a action-adventure RPG currently in development by a new studio named Psilocybe Games, and is presented in the same 8-bit graphical style used in games such as The Darkside Detective and The Last Door. The company is opening a Kickstarter in Early 2016 in order to fund the game, and will be positing regular development blog updates to show how the game will change, providing that it reaches it’s funding goals later this year. If you are interested in seeing how the Pigsodus will unfold, you can check out the teaser trailer below, or visit the official website for more information, such as the first development blog update featuring a procedurally generated environment for Horace to explore.

Will you be helping Horace and his companions rescue the animals that have been imprisoned by Theodore Cleaver? Let us know what you think in the comments below.