Coleco Chameleon Revealed At New York Toy Fair [Update]

Update: The first Kickstarter Reward has been revealed to be the Early Bird Standard Retail Coleco Chameleon. It will cost $135, saving 10% on the regular price of the tier, and includes a Black Coleco Chameleon console along with one USB controller, a HDMI cable, a AC Power Adapter and one game. More Kickstarter Rewards will be revealed everyday until the Kickstarter begins.

After a somewhat lukewarm reception to it’s Indiegogo campaign last year, the Retro VGS team took a few weeks to rethink their approach, and after obtaining the support of a legendary hardware developer, the system was reborn as the Coleco Chameleon. In a post on their Facebook page, it was revealed that the new console would be making it’s physical debut in prototype form at the New York Toy Fair that is being held today.

Thankfully for the development team, they were able to get a prototype version of the console ready to show, and have revealed several live videos through their social media channels. The current version is using a SNES style controller, as the controller that will be provided with the console is still in development, but from the footage alone, it is clear that they are definitely succeeding with their vision to create a new cartridge based console for the digital age. If you are interested in seeing the games in action, be sure to watch the preview video below or visit the Retro VGS Facebook page for more information.

The promotional video below is provided via a third party upload. If an official source becomes available, this will be replaced.

As an added bonus, every day this week, the Coleco Chameleon development team will reveal a new Early Bird Deal for their Kickstarter, which has been confirmed to begin on the 26th of February 2016. Are you interested to see what new ground the Coleco Chameleon will allow developers to tread? Let us know what you think in the comments below.