New TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan Trailer Shows Leonardo in Action

With it being officially leaked earlier in the year, we have finally got some gameplay footage of the Platinum Games’ developed TMNT beat ’em up, courtesy of IGN. This trailer focuses around the leader of the team, Leonardo and his prowess in combat with his dual katanas.

Leo’s special ability is being able to slow down time, so he can slice through the Foot Clan in the blink of an eye and cut them to ribbons. We also get a look of some of his special attacks, including a heavy hitting charge slash, a ground pound move where he knocks enemies up into the air before slamming down on the ground, along with a fast dash strike which has him slashing through enemy ninja in his way. Platinum Games are bringing their trademark flair and skill for creating flashy combat to Mutants in Manhattan, with the Turtles looking like they pack a decent punch when fighting against Shredder’s minions.

The graphics are an acquired taste I’ll grant you, following the grittier art style of the original comics rather than the simpler and more child-friendly art found in the 80s cartoon. Hopefully, this does mean this game will have some bite to it while not stepping into super edgy territory. TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan is scheduled for a Summer 2016 release date for PS4, Xbox One and PC along with last gen systems too.