Quantum Break Coming to PC, Alan Wake as Pre-Order Bonus and Xbox One/PC Crossbuy (Sorta)

Remedy Entertainment have revealed that their upcoming, time-bending shooter Quantum Break is coming to Windows 10 as well as Xbox One with a simultaneous launch on April 5th.

Anyone who buys the Xbox One version will receive a backwards compatible version of Remedy’s previous title, Alan Wake, as well as the two DLC add-ons The Signal and The Writer. Additionally, digital pre-orders of the Xbox One version will come with Windows 10 version free of charge as well as Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, the standalone addition which is, you guessed it, backwards compatible.

Certain retailers will also be offering a steelbook cover with pre-orders and a new Xbox One special edition Quantum Break bundle featuring a 500GB white console and matching wireless controller, a full-game download of Quantum Break and all previous pre-order bonuses is offered worldwide starting March 29th, 2016.

Finally we have a new live action trailer to sink our teeth into, featuring the star of Quantum Break Shawn Ashmore.


I think we all saw Alan Wake coming as a bonus extra with Quantum Break, but the addition of the two DLC packs is a nice touch. What I didn’t see coming was the announcement of a PC version of Quantum Break, nor the (admittedly limited) cross-buy between Xbox One and Windows 10. Microsoft is making good on its promises to show more support to PC gaming and whilst console warriors will undoubtedly hail this as the death of the Xbox One in actuality all this does is widen the reach that their exclusive titles can have.

More reach, more sales, more money for more games. Specifically, more chance of Alan Wake 2.