Lothric is Revealed in Dark Souls III Opening Cinematic

It’s getting to that time of year folks. Bandai Namco and From Software have released the opening cinematic of Dark Souls III to the world, giving players a glimpse into the grim kingdom of Lothric and some of the dark figures you will have to contend with on your journey into the northern lands. This opening has some juicy lore details dispersed throughout, such as a bell reawakening the Lords of Cinder, which is not only a reference to the start of Dark Souls but could possibly hint at the revival of the Chosen Undead who linked the Fire as well as the Lord Souls that they gathered to link the primeval Fire in the first place.

Another thing to note, the swords of Farron’s Undead Legion look a hell of a lot like the sword used by Artorias the Abysswalker, which makes sense as these knights are the watchers of the Abyss and by that assumption, are in place to prevent the Abyss and the curse of Manus from blighting the world once again. The cinematic opening also seems to hint at a greater explanation of the Giants’ feud with humanity, as well as the possible return of the Crowns from Dark Souls II. It seems that a Firekeeper is keeping watch over one of the Crowns, which just makes the lore even muddier and more enticing for Souls fans to puzzle out.

I’m sure there is plenty more lore nuggets for lore hunters to sniff out so keep an eye on the Souls subreddits for possible breakthroughs in the coming days. In the meantime, make sure to watch the trailer yourself and post your own lore theories for Dark Souls III below.