Danganronpa Given Release Date For PC

After the announcement of a PC version of Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc two weeks ago, fans of Spike Chunsoft’s visual novel franchise were left wandering when Monokuma and the alumuni of Hope’s Peak Academy would arrive on Steam. Their question has now been answered, as Spike Chunsoft sent out a Tweet yesterday confirming February 18th 2016 as it’s current release date, as well as updating the Steam store page with some beautiful 1080p screenshots of the game in action.

The price point for the first Dangaronpa has been set at $29.99, and will include the 16 track bonus soundtrack promised earlier this year as well as Achievements and a set of Steam Trading Cards. As a special treat to their fans, Spike Chunsoft also revealed that anyone who buys the game within a week of launch will receive a 20% bonus discount.

Are you excited to see Danganronpa come to PC for the first time? Let us know what you think in the comments below.