Far Cry Primal PS4 Bundle Announced for Europe

Far Cry Primal, the sixth instalment in the Far Cry franchise, is just over a month away and for those without a current generation console to experience it on can now pick up a PS4 with the game combined. To sweeten the deal, it’s the upgraded 1TB version of the console and will be available when Far Cry Primal releases on February 23rd.

In Far Cry Primal you take on the role of Takkar, a tribesman being hunted by everything and anything just after the ice age. You must use spears, clubs, traps and a whole lot more to turn yourself from the prey into the predator. You can also tame wild animals such as boars, rhinos and mammoths to aid you, alongside your trusty owl companion.

You can find more information on the exclusive console bundle on the PlayStation Blog.