Leaked Screens Show Canadian Operators for Rainbow Six Siege

Ahead of the first DLC release for Ubisoft’s tactical shooter, leaked screenshots on imgur have surfaced which reveal vital information about the first two new Operators for Rainbow Six Siege. These two new Operators, supposedly called Frost and Buck are part of the Canadian Task Force and bring two new weapons to the already stocked armory, as well as new abilities for players to utilise.

Frost is the Defender in this DLC pack, using a mechanical trap which looks a lot like a bear trap to incapacitate attacking players so they can be quickly shot to pieces. I imagine that either a friendly player can help you get out of the trap quicker, while a lone player may have to undergo a lengthy animation to get themselves out of the trap. Frost can either use a Super 90 shotgun or a 9mm C1 submachine as her main weapon, very similar to Bandit’s choice between a shotgun and a submachine gun. Frost gets the use of either a Nitro Cell or a Deployable Shield as her gadgets, so expect tricky trap to Nitro Cell kills once people get good with her.

Buck is the Attacker for the Canadian Task Force, with his special ability being an underbarrel shotgun which is attached to his main weapon, giving him the ability to switch between long and close range combat, without going through the long animation to use his sidearm. He can either use a C8-SFW assault rifle or CAMRS marksman rifle, similar to the one used by Glaz but without the fancy scope. Buck can use a Breach Charge or a Stun Grenade as his gadget but I foresee most Bucks sticking with the stun, as they will probably use the shotgun to punch holes in breakable surfaces in order to create little murder holes to light up the enemy team that is defending.

Ubisoft have not officially announced the first DLC pack but with two Operators being on the way on the 2nd of February, it’s likely Frost and Buck are them. A new map which is potentially set around a shipwrecked yacht frozen in ice may be part of this DLC pack too, thanks to a previous image leak of a new title screen for Siege labeling this expansion as ‘Black Ice’, which makes sense when considering the cold theme around the two Canadian Operators. Each DLC Operator will cost 25,000 Renown if you wish to not spend any additional cash, while Season Pass players will unlock them automatically on launch. If you do not have the patience to save up Renown, you can buy individual Operators for £3.99.

If you are looking to get into Rainbow Six Siege in the new year and as the price no doubt drops in shops and other retailers, check out our review and our handy beginner’s guide, to help you get up to speed with this incredible tactical shooter.