Bravely Second End Layer Now Available for Preorder on the UK Nintendo Store

For all you hardcore RPG fans, you can now preorder the sequel to Square Enix’s old school RPG, Bravely Second: End Layer, on the UK Nintendo Store. Bravely Default was a love letter to old school JRPGs, in line with the original 6 Final Fantasies, with tons of jobs to level up, bosses to fight and summons to collect in your quest across Luxendarc. The original was a critical success and besides the end game which did start to drag, it was a successful revival of that old school RPG style, complete with a streamlined battle system and the ability to actually toggle random battles to suit your preference.

Bravely Second: End Layer was originally released in Japan on April 23 of last year and it will finally release in Europe on February 26th. It will go for £39.99 if you buy it from the Nintendo UK store and the Collector’s Edition will go for £59.99. The Collector’s Edition contains a copy of Bravely Second, a 250 page art book, a mini figurine of Agnes as well as a soundtrack CD for the game. Bravely Second tasks as the creatively named knight Yew, who is on a quest to save Agnes, one of the original 4 heroes of Bravely Default.