Conker’s Return? Pro Wrestler Recording Lines for a ‘Super Secret Squirrel Game’

Now we don’t want to get your hopes up, but it seems that our little squirrel friend Conker might be about to make his big comeback. No not that rubbish in Project Spark, that was just the warm up act. Professional Wrestler and actor Ken Anderson posted this image of himself recording lines for a ‘super secret squirrel game’ on Instagram.

Ken Anderson Conker

I mean it’s not definitely Conker, but how many other super secret squirrel games could there really be? We did a little digging and Ken’s hookup was Steven Jaros. Jaros was creative lead on the Saints Row series with Volition for over 10 years until 2014 when he apparently left the company for Valve. Since then we’ve heard nothing from him, and his LinkedIn makes no mention of Valve. All we have are suppositions at this point, but the tone and humour of the Saints Row series is hardly a million miles away from Conker. Could it be that Jaros is working with Microsoft on a new Conker title?

We’ll keep digging and see what we can find out. For more news on the possible revival of our squirrelly saviour and for everything else gaming, stick with us here at VGU.