New Concept Art and Achievements Leaked for TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan

Its still early days for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan, but there have already been a few supposed leaks online. The first of which is the rumoured concept art for Platinum’s latest action adventure, which boasts a slightly different art style to what most were expecting.

Going by Platinum’s last offering, the insanely fun Transformers Devastation, you’d have thought that they would be borrowing the art style from the iconic 90’s cartoon. The show was known for being bright, colourful and very upbeat; whereas the art above shows a darker, slightly grittier look that’s more in keeping with the original TMNT comics from way back when.

Again, its still early days and there is no official statement from Platinum to say that this is the art-style that they’ll be going for. Whilst its certainly pretty cool, I think I speak for a lot f people when I say the look from the 90’s cartoon would be the better option.

Although what may interest fans more though, is a list of achievements set to appear in the game. Cropping on an Xbox Achievements tracking site, these small titbits do help to shed some light on what the game may be like. The achievements include travelling a mile without touching the ground, completing a stage without getting spotted, and grinding on a rail for 300 feet. These heavily hint that the game will feature a mix of both high energy combat and stealth options for those who wish to live up to ninja part of the turtles name.

Here’s hoping we get something concrete in the future to go off, but Mutants in Manhattan is already sitting amongst my most anticipated games of the year.