“Can You Feel the Hunger?” Asks Bandai-Namco

Update 18/12/15 5:45pm GMT

We have been looking into translating more of the messages and have come up with these so far:

‘The Architecture Resonates Among The Weak’

‘Teamwork Will Get Us Through This’

‘There Is No Escape’

‘We Are Prey’

‘Is There Any Hope Left?’

‘The Garden Of Life Will Blossom In The Sky’

‘We Will Not Back Down’

After looking into the images of the website as well, the teaser could potentially be leading to a long awaited localisation of God Eater that hasn’t seen a release in Europe since 2011 with God Eater Burst on PSP.

Original Article

One small Tweet earlier today has got a lot of people talking. Heavy-weight publisher Bandai-Namco posted the cryptic message with a link to the website www.bne-project.com, alongside the hashtag #MysteriousGame.

When taken to the website, you’re greeted with a dark screen and a count-down clock ticking away toward the 21st of December. No doubt when Bandai-Namco will shed some light on their somewhat vague messages.

If you stay on the site for long enough, a message written in Spanish will suddenly appear saying “El trabajo en equipo nos mostrará el camino”. Which translates to “Teamwork shows us the way”. Could this be some hint at a co-operative adventure or is it a line of dialogue from the game? Here we are hoping for the former as it’s a genre that is often ignored in the modern age.

Nothing else has been said on the matter, no details of which platforms the game will be appear on or any indication of when it will be released, but come Monday the 21st we will hopefully have something exciting to report. Between this, Tekken 7, Dark Souls III and Ace Combat it looks like it’ll be a busy year for Bandi-Namco indeed.