Aion Free-to-Play Heads to the Steam Platform

Aion from Gameforge is available to download and play through the Steam digital platform. Since December 16th,  European players have been able to download the the MMO directly into their Steam library at no extra cost.

“This step allows us to enable even more players a straightforward point of entry to AION. It is part of our strategy to keep the still massive player count over the longer term and in doing so, generate the maximum level of fun within the exciting world of Atreia.”

– Nicolas Stumpf, Product Director of AION Free-to-Play

Along with the addition to Steam, to balance out the races in the game, players who select their first character as Asmodian will get a Gold Pack when they get to level 8.

Players who have been using the Gameforge client are not affected by the Steam addition but now have the choice to use either.