Hideo Kojima Has Finally Left Konami

In a move that has surprised nobody, it is reported that Hideo Kajima has officially left Konami. The news broke earler today through the Japanese publication Nikkei This all comes from recent events in which Kojima was denied access to the Game Awards ceremony and the much maligned cancellation of Silent Hills.

There had been rumours since early October that Kojima was planning on leaving Konami, due to his contract expiring in December. This was simply passed off as hearsay but it seems that there may have been some truth to it all along. They followed up these claims by stating that Kojima was still an employee of the company and would continue his work with them.

Bar the initial report from Nikkei, neither Kojima or Konami have officially commented on the matter but no doubt there will official statements issued soon. If the Nikkei report is also to be believed, Kojima is in talks with Sony Entertainment about forming a production company beneath them. If this is true then it’ll be a happy day for Playstation owners as Kojima will surely thrive now that Konami aren’t puppeteering his every move.