Parappa The Rapper 2 Coming To PS4 Next Week

At the beginning of the PlayStation 2’s lifespan, a certain rapping canine returned for his second adventure, not counting the cameo appearance he made in Um Jammer Lammy. Parappa the Rapper 2 expanded on the success of the PS1 original, bringing eight new stages, several new rapping teachers as well the returning sensei Chop Chop Master Onion and an evil plot to turn all the food in the world into noodles.

If you want to revisit Parappa Town for some musical fun, Parappa The Rapper 2 will be available from December 15th on the PlayStation Store as a PS2 remaster for the PlayStation 4. Like the other remastered games available, trophies are included, as well as 1080p visuals and game sharing and remote play support.

Are you excited to see one of Parappa’s adventures return? Let us know what you think in the comments below.