PSX 2015: More Gameplay Footage of Team Ninja’s Nioh

Revealed at this year’s Tokyo Games Show and seeming like a great mix between Dark Souls and Onimusha, we got to see more gameplay footage of Team Ninja and Tecmo Koei’s Nioh. In the gameplay trailer, we got a good look at the combat system, seeing the white haired samurai slicing through onis, flaming samurai and other creepy demons.

It will definitely be interesting to see how Team Ninja applies their usual penchant for fast paced combat with a more deliberate and savage combat system, as seen in the Nioh trailer. It certainly looked gorgeous, capturing the really twisted and brooding nature of Japanese mythology which we haven’t really seen in a game series since something like Ninja Gaiden or Onimusha.

Expect more news on Nioh in the near future and stay tuned to PSX 2015 for more.